Our Services
Lawn Mowing

A beautiful lawn can make a big difference.
Your property needs consistent lawn maintenance. It is critical to keep the magnificence of your property.
On the off chance that you don't have the opportunity and devotion to keep a well-maintained lawn, Gus Home improvement Co is here to help.

Yard Clean Up

A clean yard can say a lot about a property. Does your yard look fitting to your property? If not, Gus Home improvement Co offered up yard cleaning service at an affordable cost and can make your yard looks more beautiful and upgrade the value of your property.

Gutter Cleaning

A clean Gutter can Prevent water damage to your house,so why not get yours cleaned today. Here at Gus Home improvement Co, Our Pros will cleaned up your house gutter off leaves and debris


Add value to your home with a brand-new fresh coat of paint. which we offered at Gus Enterprise with an affordable price that will not break your budget. Our company offers up both interior and exterior painting, with the best quality of paint available. we take care of everything and make sure that there is no paint drop left on your floor.


Are you fascinated by wood and would like some construction done with woods? We would like to tell you about our wood service here at Gus home improvement Co. We have some skilled carpenter that used top-notch woods for our repairs. Our wood services include, building and repairing wooden Decks & Patio, staircase, railing and moldings, as well as baseboards.

Patio & Deck

Are you indeed of a new patio and deck to make your property more beautiful than it currently is? Then look no further, Gus Home improvement Co, offers up a good patio and deck services that will guaranteed that your property looks more beautiful and refreshing. our patio and deck service include both wood and stone. If you’re not looking for newer one, we also do remodeling as well as repairing

Stone Work

Are you a fan of Aesthetic stonework ad would like some work done to your property to boost up its beauty and value? Here at. Gus Home improvement Co, we are here to help you achieved that goal as affordable as we could. Our stonework services include walkways, stone walls, driveways, Patios, Landscape walkways, retaining walls, Stone/ bricks veneers, masonry services


Having Plumbing issues? Give us a call, we provide fast and dependable plumbing services at an affordable price. Our plumbing services include:

  • leaks and pipes,
  • weater heater
  • as well as cleaning any drain, inside or outside
  • Pipe locating -Locating hard to find pipes in the house


Having electrical problem? Make sure to give us a called. Our pros at Gus Home improvement Co will do their best to repair your electrical problem, without damaging your property in any way. We handle electrical problem such as: repairs, installation.

Snow Removal

Tired of shoveling snow out in the cold every winter? Give us a call, we offered snow cleaning services all winter long at an affordable price.
Our snow removal service consist of: driveway cleaning, Stairway cleaning, Salt